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The Power of Martial Arts

In humans, there are two types of power. One is muscle strength, the other is the strength which comes from original human strength, danjeon, lower part of the abdomen. Muscle strength greatly decreases and declines with age. However, danjeon strength can be developed through proper training, regardless of age, to the point of producing super human strength.

Danjeom power is the raw power that all human beings have had since birth. Babies have all of their power focused on their danjeon. Newborn babies lack muscle power and don't know how to use their arms, legs or hands. When you hug a reluctant baby, they don't know how to use their hands and feet, so they twist their backs and struggle to get out. This power is quite strong, and that is the power of the danjeon. As a baby grows up, they use their hands and legs and their muscles develop. Naturally, they stop using the power of the danjeon. As they become adults, they forget the power of the danjeon.

Martial arts training does not seek to acquire new superhuman strength, but to regain the original strength that all humans had when they were babies. In the old days, adults said in order to pick up something heavy, you had to “lift it with your belly”. That belly power is the power of the danjeon. The strength of martial arts is that the energy of the danjeon is transmitted to the arms and legs by moving/shaking the trunk caused by the operation of the waist. Using this power is the true power of Martial Arts.

Martial arts masters are stronger than young people despite their old age. The reason is because the moving/shaking of their body is transmitted to the hands and legs in operation of the waist by the danjeon. When attacking or defending against an opponent, using your hands or feet, you do not attack or defend with your arm or leg muscles. The energy from the danjeon is transferred to your arms and legs by the operation of your waist. The hands and feet are just tools. The waist is the central axis that balances the body, and it plays a very important role in body movement. In order to protect the waist and use it with strength, you must strengthen your danjeon.

What is the difference between martial arts and sports? Sports mainly uses muscle strength and martial arts uses the energy of the danjeon. If you want to do real martial arts and want to continue even as you get older, develop the power of the danjeon. In conclusion, our martial arts training should not be to acquire superhuman strength, but to find the raw power that human beings have had since birth.