The Power of Martial Arts

There are two very different types of power. One type of power can be categorized as muscle strength, and the other type would be Danjeon strength.  Danjeon is the physical core of our body located on the lower part of the abdomen, and it is believed that from this core, full human power can be unleashed. Our muscles decrease and decline with age resulting in a loss of power, but regardless of age, the power of Danjeon can be developed according to the level of training to generate superhuman power within us.

Danjeon power is the raw power that all human beings have had since our birth. For example, we can see that babies naturally exert power from their core which is their Danjeon. Newborn babies lack muscle power and have yet to develop efficient use of their arms, legs, or hands. However, when you hug or hold a reluctant baby, instead of using their hands and feet alone, they twist and turn using a full body movement to get out of the hold. This type of power generated by the Danjeon movement is quite strong, and it is a good example of what Danjeon power can accomplish. As baby grows up, as they use their hands and legs more, their muscular function develops. Consequently, they stop using the power of natural Danjeon movement in favor of using muscle strength. As they become adults, they rely more on muscular strength and forget the natural power of the Danjeon completely.

Martial arts training does not seek to develop new superhuman strength, but to regain the original strength that all of us possessed when we were babies. In the old days, we were told by our fathers that to pick up something heavy, you have to “lift it using your belly power. ” This so-called, “belly power” in essence, is a good description or example of the Danjeon power. The real strength of martial arts is generated as the energy of the Danjeon is transmitted through arms and legs by moving and turning the body from the waist. By using this type of core power, the true power of Martial Arts can be released.  By using Danjeon power, even older martial artists can be stronger than younger ones. This is possible because properly moving and turning the body can generate enormous power which then can be channeled through the hands and legs for maximal output of strength. When attacking or defending against an opponent using your hands or feet, you should not attack or defend with muscle strength alone. The energy from the Danjeon needs to be transferred to your arms and legs by the movement of your waist generating Danjeon power. The hands and feet are just tools. The waist is the central axis that balances the body, and it plays a very important role in body movement. 

What is the difference between martial arts and sports? In Sports, we mainly focus on muscle strength however, the true martial artist uses the energy of the Danjeon. If you want to discover the true power of martial arts and continue training even as you get older, developing the power of the Danjeon is essential. In conclusion, our martial arts training should not be to acquire superhuman strength but to find the raw power that human beings have had since birth which is stored in our Danjeon.