Master BJ Singletary.

Sugi Hapkido Seattle.

After training in Hapkido for nearly 10 years, my martial arts journey took a dramatic turn for the positive when in January of 2010 I was introduced and attended a seminar in Seattle led by Grandmaster Young Gul Son.

Grandmaster Son’s skill, humility and teaching style stood out to me immediately as he is unlike any other martial arts practitioner, I have had the privilege to train with. As I watched his techniques, I saw a clear difference from what I had learned over the previous 10 years.

Training with Grandmaster Son has created a newfound love for Hapkido and martial arts within me. Over the last several years, I have been working on my foundation in Sugi Hapkido which I realized was not solid from my previous years of training. I found that I commonly used muscle power to complete techniques and as a result injury occurred at times and I was left wondering how long I could realistically continue training and teaching. It was not until I began learning from Grandmaster Son that I realized that I could continue my martial arts journey for a lifetime.

Grandmaster Son’s techniques are of the finest quality while preserving your muscles and joints. I have found other martial arts systems simply cannot offer this. I know that I will continue to grow in the art as I train under Grandmaster Son and I take full advantage of every opportunity I have learn from him and the Sugi Hapkido family at Black Eagle Martial Arts..