Master BJ Singletary.

Sugi Hapkido Seattle.

After training in Hapkido for nearly 10 years, my martial arts journey took a dramatic turn for the positive when in January of 2010 I was introduced and attended a seminar in Seattle led by Grandmaster Young Gul Son.

Grandmaster Son’s skill, humility and teaching style stood out to me immediately as he is unlike any other martial arts practitioner, I have had the privilege to train with. As I watched his techniques, I saw a clear difference from what I had learned over the previous 10 years.

Training with Grandmaster Son has created a newfound love for Hapkido and martial arts within me. Over the last several years, I have been working on my foundation in Sugi Hapkido which I realized was not solid from my previous years of training. I found that I commonly used muscle power to complete techniques and as a result injury occurred at times and I was left wondering how long I could realistically continue training and teaching. It was not until I began learning from Grandmaster Son that I realized that I could continue my martial arts journey for a lifetime.

Grandmaster Son’s techniques are of the finest quality while preserving your muscles and joints. I have found other martial arts systems simply cannot offer this. I know that I will continue to grow in the art as I train under Grandmaster Son and I take full advantage of every opportunity I have learn from him and the Sugi Hapkido family at Black Eagle Martial Arts..


Instructor Justin Webber.

Sugi Hapkido Des Moines.

I Met Grandmaster Son almost ten years ago. I had recently moved back to Iowa from California, and had grown to lament the lack of high quality martial arts to which I had become accustomed. I had spent time in Japan training at Hombu Dojo, the international headquarters of Aikido. After that, I trained as an uchi-deshi, or live in student, at an Aikido Dojo in San Diego under a 7th degree Sensei.

Returning to Iowa, I tried a couple of martial arts classes, but was quite frankly underwhelmed by the quality of training and technique. That was before I met Grandmaster Son.

I had exchanged a number of e-mails with a Hapkido instructor in New Virginia concerning a teacher of sword moving from Korea to Iowa. I learned that the man in question was not only a Master, but a Grandmaster. I was definitely intrigued by the notion of a Grandmaster coming to teach in Iowa.

I started training in sword with Grandmaster Son, and was immediately impressed by his technique, and by his pragmatism. He explained that there was a close relationship between Kuhapdo, (sword), and Hapkido. This led to my training under him in Hapkido, and then also eventually Taekwondo. I trained in all three under Grandmaster Son and eventually earned black belts in all three.

Grandmaster Son conducts himself with charm and dignity, teaching from a true love of martial arts. His method of training emphasizes “body power”, not muscle power, and his techniques performed with body power are very effective against opponents of any size or strength. My experience with Grandmaster Son reinvigorated my love of martial arts. It has also benefited my health immeasurably. My health was in jeopardy, and training with Grandmaster Son has undoubtedly greatly improved my physical and mental wellbeing.

Grandmaster Son is the genuine article. He is everything one would hope for from a Grandmaster of martial arts. His expertise and experience are evident in the quality of training and in the quality of martial artists the dojang produces. I have a deep sense of pride from my training under Grandmaster Son, and would recommend him to anyone interested in learning authentic and effective martial arts.